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        - Main camera: Apogee ALTA U16M (KAF16803) + Flattener 67 -> 1.68"/pix
        - Guiding camera: ATIK 314L+ in bin 2
        - Filters: L-RGB-Ha-OIII-SII Astrodon Gen2
        - Refractor: TAKAHASHI TOA150 - Focal length 1100mm
        - Mount: mini-OHP with MCMT system
        - Dome: Scopedome 3m
        - Integrationn, pre-treatment and treatment: PRISM v9, IRIS and Photoshop
  Main object
NGC2736Pencil Nebula
  Autres objets    - NGC 2736 -
  Month    February
  Year    2017
  Constellation    Vela
  L    0
  RGB    0
  Ha    1200 (20 hours and 0 minutes)
  O3    1200 (20 hours and 0 minutes)
  S2    0
  Total    2400 (40 hours and 0 minutes)
  Format    1x1
  Number    63
  Link    Full size picture
  Map    Sky map of the aera ¬©Coelix
  Note    On this picture, we discovered the planetary nelulae candidates DeGaPe2, DeGaPe3, DeGaPe24, DeGaPe26