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Webmaster: Thomas Petit - 2020

    Dernière Photo...
RCW 58 & Sandqvist 128 - April 7 2020

- from Space Obs in San Pedro de Atacama, Chili
- mini-OHP mount with MCMT system (Motorisation Compatible Multi Telescope)
- TAKAHASHI refractor TOA150 - Focal length: 1100mm - 1.68" par pixel
- Apogee Alta U16M camera (KAF16803)
- Astrodon gén.2 filters
- all controled and pre-treated with PRISM v9
- treated PRISM, IRIS and CS6

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    APO Actuality
- April 7th 2020: new picture: RCW58 in HaLRGB
- March 30th 2020: new picture: Puppis A in HaOIII
- March 20th 2020: new picture: Puppis A in SHO
- March 9th 2020: new picture: Sand 114 in HaLRGB
- Feb 16th 2020: new PN candidate: DeGaPe 71
- Feb 6th 2020: new picture: Puppis A in HOOLRGB
- Jan 8th 2020: new pictures: M42 in Ha, HOO, SHO
- Dec 24st 2019: new picture: IC2177 in LRGB
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