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Sandqvist 177, RCW 94 & 95
Messier 83
Vela Nebula in HOO
Vela Nebula in SHO
Centaurus A (NGC5128)
Sh2-308 (with Yann Sainty)
IC434 - Horse Head Nebula
NGC 1313
M33 - Triangulum Galaxy - SHO
M33 - Triangulum Galaxy
M77 & NGC1055
IC 5332
NGC 7293 (Helix) HOO
ngc 55 (HaLRGB)
ngc 55 (LRGB)
ngc 253
ngc 300 (HaLRGB)
ngc 300 (LRGB)
ngc 6188 (HOO)
ngc 6188 (SHO)
ngc 6188 (HaLRVB)